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Please find below a list of our most popular products and some of their uses. If there is anything that you want but don’t see here – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Mirror Tint: Ideal for heat and glare reduction and privacy.

20% silver mirror tint is by far the most popular product we supply – this product can reduce heat build-up by up to ~80% and is most effective at reducing glare making it ideal for conservatories.

It provides a stylish modern look to buildings and provides excellent privacy by acting as a mirror to the side of the glass with the greatest light whilst allowing a clear view the other way.

Different strengths of light transmission and mirror effect are available.

It also comes in different colours such as blue, bronze and green. Depending on the look and style of your building and window surrounds these can really compliment the building. Bronze mirror tint gives a warmer appearance and can work well on both modern and more historical buildings.

Frosted Tint: Best for Privacy & graphics.

White frosted tint gives glass an acid etched appearance but is fully reversible. It is ideal when maximum privacy is required. It allows light through but no visibility. It also complements period properties very well and is a great alternative to dated lace curtains for road side properties.

It is a perfect choice for graphic cut outs providing an excellent contrast.

Natural Shades:

For a more natural look – this tint range is well suited to homes and garden rooms, various shades of tint can be used to combat heat & glare and provide varying degrees of privacy.

Clear UV:

Ideal for shop fronts, protection of wooden floors and soft furnishings and front car windows – when only UV protection is required.

Spectrally selective tints:

With heat reflecting filters – these specialist window films can achieve similar heat reduction to silver mirrored film with greater levels of light transmission and no mirror effect. Once installed these tints are virtually undetectable.

Safety Tints:

Various thicknesses (up to 8mm) of safety film are available in clear or silver mirror. Installing safety film to critical areas of glass is the least disruptive way of ensuring the glazing in your work place conforms to safety regulations.
Extra thick tints are ideal for buildings at risk from break-ins, vandalism and explosions.


A specialist window film designed for sufferers with photosensitive skin. These can be installed throughout the home or in areas of schools if needed. They are also frequently used in museums to protect valuable exhibits from the effects of light.


Specifically designed for use with polycarbonate conservatory roofs this has a grey frosted appearance to it.


We can supply & install any colour of opaque or translucent vinyl for partial or total black out, or simply as a design feature.
Perforated printed vinyls also offer a unique way of creating one-way privacy.


High impact graphics printed on clear tint are visually stunning and give the illusion of printing directly to glass.


Safety manifestations for large areas of glazing can be supplied in a variety of frosted or glittery effects. These can be provided as a company logo or repeating shapes.


Supplied in shades of 5%, 20%, 35% and 50% light transmission. We can tint a single pane or the whole car including a sunstrip.

Pre-cut shapes:

With ComputerCut technology we can supply pre-cut window shapes for virtually all makes and model of car.

sun protection symbolAll of the products that we use at TF Tinting are recognised as protecting the skin against sun damage in turn reducing the risk of skin cancer.