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Commercial Buildings - TFTinting

Architectural window tints can be a great asset to your business in many ways:

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Improve employee comfort:

By reducing problematic heat build-up and balancing hot spots in buildings you can greatly improve the working environment for your employees without losing the open aspect provided by windows.
Similarly reducing glare in offices and on computer screens can reduce the risk of eyestrain and migraines in employees.
Both solutions will lead to a better working environment, less complaints and increased productivity of both staff and yourself!

Money saving:

Any building that relies on air-conditioning will benefit by have tints installed. Remember – it costs twice as much to cool a room by 1°C than it does to warm a room by 1°C. Installing Solar control window tints means that you can significantly reduce your air-conditioning use and save yourself some money.

This reduced use of your air-con will increase the longevity of any air-con system saving you further money on maintenance long term. In many situations window tints alone will negate the need for installing expensive air-conditioning units saving you vast amounts of money straight away.
Choosing window tints instead of blinds is another way to save you some money. Blinds can be significantly more expensive to install than window tints and usually have a much shorter lifespan. In the work place blinds can easily get broken, end up looking very scruffy and requiring replacement. They also collect dust and need regular cleaning or they can become a health hazard – causing allergies. Not to mention you can’t see daylight through blinds!

Reduce your Carbon Footprint:

By reducing your fuel consumption on air-conditioning, you are doing your bit for the environment, making your company a ‘greener ’one.
Low emissivity window tints can also reduce heat loss by reflecting radiant heat back into a room. This too can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint and keep you warmer in winter.

Be Safe:

All places of work need to comply with glazing safety regulations. Installing window tints is the quickest and most cost effective solution to this problem. We can install either mirrored or clear safety film to make all areas of critical glazing safe. More info
We can also supply and install window manifestations in the form of company logos or simple shapes to any large areas of glazing.

Provide Privacy:

Whatever your reasons for needing privacy; whether it is to keep staff safe, hide valuable equipment and machinery or provide a private environment in a salon – there are various types of window tint that can achieve this outcome including mirror, frost, decorative or dark tints.

Increase Security:

Specialist safety tint (mirrored or clear) can be applied to any building that is at risk from severe wind turbulence, break-ins, vandalism or even bomb blasts. Places like airports, government buildings, laboratories and schools can benefit from security film.

Improve Appearance:

Whether to hide an unsightly mess or simply improve looks – window tints can really add a touch of distinction to any building, modern or period.
There is huge variety of looks that can be achieved including: dark, natural, mirrored, bronze, coloured and frosted. We can supply and install vinyl of any colour.

We can also cut lettering and graphics to enhance your company’s brand visibility.

However – for those of you who want the benefits of window tint but don’t want to change the appearance of your architecture, TF Tinting can supply spectrally selective films which combat problems with UV radiation, heat and glare but are virtually undetectable.

Prevent fading and discoloration:

UV radiation can cause a lot of damage to interior items over time. Installing any kind of window tint can dramatically reduce this effect as all tints block 99% of harmful UV radiation.

This is ideal for the prevention of fading of wooden floors, soft furnishings and pieces of art that may be at risk in sunny spots. It is also perfect for keeping shop window displays fresh and bright without affecting internal viewing.