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The benefits of Auto Window Tinting

car window tints leeds

car window tinting leeds

vehicle window tints leeds

vehicle window tinting leeds

auto window tints leeds

auto window tinting leeds


auto window tinting

Auto window tinting and sun strips reduce annoying and potentially dangerous glare from the sun, reflections and headlights. This alleviates eye strain, driver tiredness and migraine on long journeys and is particularly useful with the low winter sun.

All shades of tint including optically clear film block 99% of harmful UV light. This includes both UVA & UVB light that glass alone cannot block. This protects yourself and children from the damaging effects of the sun that can lead to skin cancer. For more info please click here.


auto window tinting

Window tints are the perfect way to hide valuables from the prying eyes of opportunist thieves. Rear windows of estate cars & vans can be blacked-out making it virtually impossible to see in but still easy to see out. Thieves cannot quickly smash a hole in your window to grab items as the tint holds the glass together.

Automotive tints can make your vehicle safer by holding together broken glass in the event of an accident preventing injury from flying shards. The windows can be safely pushed out if access is needed so you won’t be trapped.


Window tints can reduce heat build-up in cars by up to 60% and help to cool the car more rapidly. This saves you using your air-con so much which saves your fuel consumption and reduces your carbon footprint – not to mention saves you money!

Reducing heat & glare makes long journeys and driving holidays an altogether more relaxing and enjoyable experience. Children & pets will be more comfortable and more able to tolerate the journey. Tinting fleet cars can improve safety and allow workers to arrive at their destination feeling more refreshed and ready to work. And if image is important to you – as well as providing excellent clarity and durability – auto tints can make your car look sharper. As 30% of your vehicle is glass – applying light or dark tints can add a touch of distinction!

auto window tinting
auto window tinting
auto window tinting


What shades can I get?

For auto tints we supply 5% (otherwise known as limo tint) 20%, 35% & the lightest is 50%

How much does it cost?

It all depends on the car and which windows you want tinting but prices start at £90.

Can all my windows be tinted?

With the exception of a sun strip – the front wind screen can’t be tinted and only 70% tint can be applied to the front driver and passenger windows. All current information on regulations can be found at the VOSA website

How is it done?

At TF Tinting we use Computercut a window tinting system that provides precision cut window shapes for your specific car. This means that you never have to worry about us accidently cutting the rubber moldings, scratching the glass, or damaging the defrosters and you end up with an accurate and professional finish.
The window film is bonded to the inside of the glass and shrink-fitted in to place. The process takes about 2 to 2 ½ hours but varies depending on the vehicle.
Auto window tinting is fully removable so can be applied to company cars and removed on their return.
It is often necessary to remove door trims and window fixtures to get a professional finish and proper installation – but don’t worry, this is an area in which we are fully trained and competent and believe it is worth taking the extra time and effort. One advantage we have over other tint companies is over 20 years’ experience at re-building cars in the prestige motor re-finishing industry.

Do I have to bring my car to you?

Ideally yes. The only way to get a really clean professional finish free of dirt is to install the tints in a covered garage. However if you have a suitable premises of your own which is clean, well lit and has an electric supply we will happily come out to you.  We tint cars all over West Yorkshire, particularly around Leeds and Bradford.

Is it guaranteed?

We only use window tints manufactured to the highest standards that we are confident in and come with a full manufacturers guarantee.

Can I do it myself?

If you are confident at window tinting yourself we can supply pre-cut window shapes for your vehicle. For further information please click here.

Computer Cut Auto Window Tints & Pre Cut Window Shapes

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